Is a light switch I found on Amazon HA compatible?

Hello everyone,

I try to understand the possible integrations I can use for light switches and power outlets.
There are endless vendors which manufacture smart switches, and not all of them have a customized integration for HA. Having said that, I saw there is a generic “light switch” (, I try to understand which items are compatible?

Couple of examples:

  1. Tiamu switch (ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=smart+light+switch+55+wifi&qid=1574683253&sr=8-17)
  2. Switcher smart plug - a smart plug manufactured by “Switcher” which only have a water heater integration.

How can I know if a switch is HA compatible before buying it?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the noobish question.

That’s not a generic light. That’s the light platform that all light integrations use.

If you find the light you want to buy is listed here it is compatible:

There are a lot of lights that rebadge the Tuya light system (HA compatible). You my have to look at the app the light uses or do some searching to see if this is the case for the light you want.