Is a z-wave USB Stick easier to work with versus SmartThings?

I’m in the process of setting up Home Assistant and SmartThings integration isn’t working very good. I ended up signing up for HA Cloud Services free trial and that resolved SmartThings issues. However, the only things I really use with SmartThings is my First Alert Smoke / CO detectors and seeing they are z-wave compatible wondering if z-wave is a little more compatible with HA over SmartThings? Guess my main goal with HA is to eliminate as many cloud services as possible.

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I’ve got a much larger SmartThings implementation and (relatively) recently added a ZWave and ZigBee USB stick. The original intention was to slowly transfer all the SmartThings devices over to direct HA control. That’s still a plan, but one I’m not rushing to implement as the current HA/SmartThings hybrid system is running just fine.
That said, if I had just the CO/Smoke Alarms (I’ve got those too), then I’d probably just move them and be done with it.

You could use Hubitat.
It’s just like SmartThings but local.
My second hub is slower to HA, but my network has degraded too so I can’t say 100% it’s Hubitat’s fault.
Doing Z-wave in HA is more direct so it could be faster but if you’re having a hard time getting the hang of z-wave in HA Hubitat is a nice option.

Yes, right now it seems the only thing in SmartThings is my FirstAlert detectors. I do see my Sensi “kind of” smart thermostats in SmartThings as well. But, I’m pretty sure they work w/o SmartThings. Need to review my HA setup again seeing I played around with it for a few weeks then haven’t touched it much for a month or so.

Interesting. Guess I need to figure out exactly what I’m trying to accomplish and what my end goal is. Right now some of it seems redundant to what I was already doing (other than HA allows me to see all my smart devices and hubs on one screen). Right now I have HUE, SmartThings and Smart Life. I think I need the Hue Hub to control Hue bulbs and the GLEDOPTO ZigBee LED Strip Controller for my LED rope lights. Smart Life devices would be nice to flash the smart switches and smart plugs in order to get them off the Smart Life cloud. SmartThings is the biggest hiccup right now so hoping a Z-Wave’s stick might resolve this. Then we have a Harmony Hub, Amazon Echo Plus and the Smart Thermostat (Sensi). Just need to see if I can clean up my setup that was here before I moved to HA. Guess if you are using Amazon Echo’s to control your smart devices you will always be connected to the cloud somehow.

Isn’t slow and/or crashing normal for Hubitat?

(I’ve no real idea. Never used it. But those are the general complaints I see about them here, and back when I used ST.)

I think it’s between the two (Hubitat and HA).
I’ve had a history of slowness with Hubitat but that seems to have stopped now.
It’s been about a half year that I haven’t had a Hubitat hub running in my house.

I used to have a HA switch that sent a curl command to reboot Hubitat once a week, we’ll see if I need to again.

Using Hubitat removes “computer problems” from the equation.
USB sticks not connecting after a reboot or Conbee sticks just randomly failing for no real reason.

My philosophy is the home should control itself locally.
The dashboard and voice commands to Google Home for me are just for when there’s something that doesn’t fit the mold of normal daily activity or something fails to execute.
LEDs are cheap to run, so if they’re on a little longer than I need, it’s worth the pennies.
Plus it creates more joy to have a well lit home than a dark cave like I see some people live in with their obsession with turning off these miraculously efficient lights.