Is anyone available for hire for setting up home assistant?

I’m looking for someone experienced with home assistant to install and configure the home assistant for me. You can configure it remotely. It should be easy to give me instructions since I can read and handle code as well as other technical things. It’s just that I don’t have experience with home assistant and I want to set it up quickly with the help of someone experienced.

The devices I’m using:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Google Home
  • Smart Life/Tuya devices
  • Broadlink RM Pro

Not Anyone? @frenck @bachya

Sorry, @pawan – I’m a bit too overloaded at the moment to take on additional work. If you do decide to try setup yourself and want to post questions here, I’ll help as I can.

@bachya Thank you for offering to help with my questions.

If working on configuration etc… is not possible then I’m happy with consultation at skype as well.

All I need is to save myself from trial and error and get the straight answers I need. I’m comfortable with working with codes as I have good experience in programming languages like PHP, python etc…