Is anyone aware of a smart type 2 / granny EV Charger

I’m stuck with type charging for a little while (Mains socket to car) and was wondering if anyone has made such a charging cable ‘smart’ in that it could listen to commands from HA to activate / deactivate according to my automations?

Just plug it into a smart plug.

I use one all the time to control charging ev from solar. Just about visible in pic

it’s an old TPlink one - quite a big device - not sure I’d trust 10 amps for hours at a time through some of the tiny devices available today.

I’ve got a few of those but the socket for this is outdoors and so wouldn’t fit.


Also, would be a bit worried about the constant draw at 10A over hours at a time?

Might be able to fit something within the housing right enough…

Smart external sockets are available, e.g.

No idea if it works with HA though…

or even this

Thanks, the socket I’ve bought is specifically for EV granny chargers. I’d be nervous about burning the house down with something outside and not specifically for that purpose.

Anyway, there’s loads of room inside the housing so should be able to wire something like a Shelley in