Is anyone here using the Ubiquiti doorbell camera?

I’m considering adding the Ubiquiti doorbell to my house, but I’m wondering if there’s a sensor to trigger automations based upon pressing the doorbell that HA can act upon rather than having a mechanical or specific digital doorbell that works. I just want to trigger audio over the whole house system…

I have a G4 and it does indeed have a button press sensor, as well as many others

I also have a G4 and it works very well with HA. You have the doorbell sensor that will switch off to on when doorbell is rung. I suggest you order a larger transformer for the doorbell as the camera draws more power than a typical doorbell. and replacing the transformer was low cost and easy. I know you don’t want chimes so you might get away with your current transformer. I should have ordered a transformer when I ordered the G4. Ubiquity has recommendations on their web page for transformer requirements.

I have the G4 recording all the time. For 14 days it uses about 200GB of hard disk space.

I’m in the UK and the G4 came with a new transformer, din rail type

Not only does it work really well in HA, but I have mine tell the person who pressed it something stupid.

Right now it says, “Ouch that Hurt! Don’t Press so Hard Next Time!”

I’ve got some laughs off that one

have the automation YAML for that?