Is anyone successfully using Snapclient?

i am running the snapserver and mopidy with success, thanks for that realy easy configuration :slight_smile:
Using it from another rpi with a snapclient works too. Now i want to install the snapclient on the hassio RPI to let it output music too. But the snapclient wont start. I guess it has to do with the config, which in default says “{ }”, but when i click “save” it says it would not be valid. Do you have a sample config? I want to add -h, but i have no idea about the syntax.

I guess its just a minor thing. Maybe someone has a working example for the config?

Thanks in advance!


Did you solve this?

no. Bought some google chromecast devices to play music.

Try this:
x.x.x.x = IP of your snapcast server

  "host": "x.x.x.x"