Is anyone using a a Mi band 7 for presence detection?

Hi! I’m trying to do a presence detection project and I was wondering if Xiaomi Band 7 is compatible with the ESPresense tool. I know it is with Xiaomi Band 6 according to some thread, but I would like to know if anyone has proved with Xiaomi Band 7, as characteristic and services may not have the same distribution.
Thank you in advance!!!

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I think you can just turn on your companion app Beacon Monitor sensor on your phone and it will give the distance to your phone in meters among the sensor’s attributes. I am not sure about it though but would be curious to find out, as I am interested in purchasing such a product so if you could try this and check back I would appreciate it!

oh and also make sure to enable the BLE transmitter sensor on the companion app on your watch in order for the watch to signal the above mentioned sensor from the phone

edit: In the meantime I have learned that the companion app only works on WearOS devices so the mi band is ofc not supported. Please disregard.