IS CE Smart Home Supported?

is the CE Smart Home Outlet and Light Switchs Supported ? or will it be here is links,-2-pack.product.100417575.html

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from ce company only alexia google home and the android app is supported… so i guess there is no way you guys can get it to work too?

FYI. The Smart dimmer will also work with the Tuya app and the Tuya app will work with Home assistant. So delete the devices from the CE Smart app and install Tuya then add device then…


Hi, I have the Smart Dimmer defined to Home Assistant Tuya app and components which all works except when the device is on the Icon is not displayed in Home Assistant frontend. All other switches display yellow light bulb when on. Any ideas?

@joeaverge9 I didn’t buy the ce smart yet from Costco… as the company said it wouldn’t work with home assistant just there brands…
I looked at your link… how does that work… I not at home but does this tuya load up on unraid…. and then you can turn it on or off with a cell or so

as Id like to plug a heater into the outlet one… and home assistant could turn it on or if I like 20 min away using a internet connection turn on the heater so when I get home its nice and toasty

I installed Tasmota on the CE plugs, and now I am trying to flash Tasmota to the wifi dimmer switches but as of yet I have been unsuccessful.

CE plugs –

Configuration of the generic Tasmota module here:

Hi did you guys get anywhere with this?

No problem flashing Tasmota to the CE Plugs using tuya-convert (ie no need to disassemble the plugs). They work great with Home Assistant once they are flashed. I was not able to try Tasmota with the dimmer switch.

I was also able to flash Tasmota onto a couple of Globe plugs from Canadian Tire as well. Link:

Had CE smart plug (costco) and Globe Bulb Both work in the tuya apps (while there maybe a bit of delay). The CE Smart apps and the Tuya is almost the same.

I have been trying to configuration Tuya, local Tuya. Try multiple combinaison and I can’t get any device in the Cloud Project.

I’m in Canada, but my reading said I should select something like UK and Central Europe to Work.
My apps link with the projet but doesn’t show any device in the project