Is what I should go with?

So, I had the AIO-installation and now I’ve got to choose either to go or Hassbian. I’m just a rookie with this and have only been doing this for a couple of months. I’ve got following kind of setup:

  • Telldus Znet v2 lite that deals with different sensors and switches
  • Owntracks and devicetracking
  • Conbee usb dongle controlling IKEA-tradfri light bulbs and motionsensor
  • Xiaomi sensors and switches on their way, going to control them with conbee usb dongle
  • Sonos system
  • Neato vacuum
  • worx lawn mower

Since I’m not that good yet, I’m a little bit afraid of Hassbian that seems to be more advanced, but as far as I know it seems like conbee doesn’t work with or am wrong - what version should I choose?

Thanks for any input

We’re trying to get a deconz component merged which will give support to hass and There is no docker support yet for deconz but you can run deconz on another device and it will still work great. @marthocoo is working on making deconz work in docker together with the manufacturer, so it is hopefully a matter of time.