Is "hassio snapshots" still to use, or the "backup" feature?

before doing much configurtations inside my HA (running HA on odroid), I will check and test the backup.

I find a snapshot feature (and scripts), and also the Backup-feature in the “Supervisor” corner.
Or is the “hass-cli snapshots” a good option?

In a logfile from a snapshot-script (💾 Create Automated Backups Every Day) see a entry, that the snapshot is outdated and I should use “backup”, so I’m unshure what is the correct way to get a good backup.

Should both working, and what “backup” has more “content”?
At the end I will copy the “backup” to a NAS (if disk broken/failure …)

I think, if I running (later) InfluxDB, Grafana, …; are this configrations (and database) also stored or have I to create own backups for this (DB and settings) ?

Thx for help,

As far as i know they are the same, it is only that snapshot has been renamed to backup

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