Is it a bug or a feature that you cannot change Light / Dark Theme via Frontend.set_theme service call?

You can change the default theme but the mode parameters seems to impact for what mode you can change the theme for, and not to change the theme TO that mode. I’ve done a fair amount of testing and that’s the current behavior.

Is that by design or a bug?

(I know I could try browser_mod but it’s an addon and it isn’t 100% reliable in my testing so I’m back to trying to figure out if I should be opening a bug report for the frontend service or a feature request)


Working as intended. See: Misleading behaviour of frontend's theme change service · Issue #20977 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

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You are a machine @tom_l - so knowledgeable!
I definitely find the tone of ‘this will not be useful if it worked as you want it to’ pretty condescending or at best short sighted but that’s a separate thing. Gotta learn to live with what we are given when by far and large HA is pretty amazing and free (though I choose to pay for Nabu Casa myself for the benefit and to support)