Is it feasible to use a (hacked) Miboxer WL5 with ESPHome?

I have two Miboxer WL5 LED strip controllers laying around. I know they are not based on ESP8266 nor ESP32. They are based on a “WR3” chip, which has a form factor similar to ESP-12e plus an additional N76E003AT20 MCU chip
I’ve seen a comment of someone who replaced the “WR3” chip with an ESP-12e and was able to enable some functions on Tasmota’s Github: Flash Mi-Light WL5 with Tasmota? · Issue #7385 · arendst/Tasmota · GitHub

That is the only mention I found to that hack. Do you think it will be possible to bring those devices to the light side of home automation?

i use the Mi-Light (miboxer) WiFi bridge to control the Miboxer LED controllers. That way it is compatible with HA thru the LimitlessLED integration. Works flawlesly here.
No need to DIY anything :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not using them right now. I only want to explore if it will be feasible to use them with ESPHome. All my switches and lights run on it, and I want to avoid fragmentation on the system.

I’ve done it with Tasmota. It can surely be done with ESPHome as well.

Sorry to reopen this but it’s related to this thread.

I used @Flanagun’s template. I have got an ESP12-S transplanted in the WL5 and got Tasmota on it working (sort of).

I need help getting RGB+CCT working with this.

I have tried this code from another template (linked below) and it sort of works. I can control RGB & CCT separately.
But when I am on an RGB value, and select an CCT value, the mode changes fine. But when I am on a CCT value and select an RGB value. The mode is stuck on the CCT mode.

‘Backlog DimmerRange 0,1000; TuyaMCU 11,20; TuyaMCU 26,21; TuyaMCU 21,22; TuyaMCU 23,23; TuyaMCU 24,24;’

Source: MiBoxer RGB+CCT LED Controller (FUT039W) Configuration for Tasmota

Can anyone help please?

Sorry, I cannot help. In the end I bult some ESP32 based LED controllers, and never used the WL5.

This looks to be based on RTL chip supported by LibreTuya