Is it just me or did Smartthings-MQTT-Bridge stop working?

Growing ever more frustrated with Smartthings. My hassio setup with a smartthings-mqtt-bridge app worked great until yesterday afternoon. Seems the Smartthings device handler doesn’t publish any events anymore?

Is it just me or do others have similar issues?

Ordered a Aeotec Z-Wave stick in the meanwhile so I can try and migrate everything off the Smartthings hub.

FYI, mine is still working fine. I checked the logs and don’t see any gaps
from yesterday.

Mine’s working great. Even have two running to the same Home Assistant instance.

Make sure the DNI on SmartThing’s end is the MAC Address of your Bridge without the colons. I’ve found that to be most reliable.

Thanks @wmaker @techwithjake. Did either of you update to the latest version of HA (0.77.3)? That’s the only explanation I can think of for the ST bridge to stop working.

Tried again to connect to another ST bridge instance running on a separate VM that also runs the MQTT broker and that seems to started to work again. Didn’t use colons (which is new to me).

Can’t get the ST bridge app working again. Super frustrating because that used to work just fine until yesterday.

I am at 0.77.2

I’m running 0.77.3 running in a PyEnv. Running Mosquitto on the same RPi as the HASS instance.