Is it just me? upgrade HA core an Z-wave fails?

So the last couple of upgrades has always ended with Z-wave start up fail. Normaly I only get sensors to work and all switches and dimmers are offline. Or everything Z-wave is offline.

The only solution is for me to go to latest full backup. The backup made at upgrade of HA core will not solve this. So latestet full backup, restore and some praying… Somtimes I even have to unplug my usb stick during restart to get everything up an running.

For the moment I am just afraid to upgrade, don’t like the pain of multiple restarts and unplug usb stick.

Ps hardware is pi4 8GB and a 500 GB Samsung T7 USB drive plus the mentioned usb stick, and of course a good powersupply…

What do the HA logs say about it?

Last time did not catch any log’s at all - bad of me I know, but as I wrote is it only me that has this kind of trouble - well it seems so since no one else has responded. Way strange.

Not just you. I have had the same experience and now 4 of my window shades (Bali/Somfy) are not responding at all.


I’m going to try your restore method @Lars_IH.

Not that if helps you right now, things like this are why I only update HASS every quarter, test it and then deploy it.

False alarm @PeteRage, turns out they had become unplugged from power. Z-wave window shades working fine now.

…but I do find I have to “ping” them to wake them up after home assistant is down for an extended period of time (like a power outage).

I actually managed to upgrade to latest (2023.1.6) without any hickups this time - wonder if it was a one time hit wonder?

A good reason to put the HASS box on a ups. If you do this the HASS can send you a txt when you lose power.

Just a minor update: I still have this issue as soon as something related to Z-Wave is upgraded. And sometimes even when HA (some or or one of the modules) are upgraded.

And the backups are useless, the ONLY way to be able to revert to old version is to do u full backup before upgrade, and then restore.

The 2nd trick I use is to disconnect the USB stick and pray that it works when I reconnect…

No worries though, sooner or later it always comes up, it just takes 5 to 10 retries of something before…