Is it normal for ZigBee devices to status only seldom/on change?

I’m having RPi4, ZHA and RaspBee II and just added Aqara sensors (weather, windows, water leak). I’m new to ZigBee with HA so I expect this to be a newbie question which I didn’t solve by a search. The sensors seem to update their status quite seldom even when their last seen status might be fresh. Is the logic such that they will update the status only when the status changes or only couple of times per hour or more seldom?

As an example. The temperature or window sensor last update could be almost hour ago but last seen is couple of minutes ago. However, the actual temperature has remained pretty much the same and window closed. Still, when I open the window or move the sensor to another temperature they’ll update the status promptly based on couple of tests.

I just want to make sure is the setup and the sensors working properly and this is expected behaviour. I would need to get the actual status changes always promptly. Just wanting to understand is my setup reliable. Does this look like normal?

That is normal behaviour for both my Xiaomi and Blitzwolf Zigbee temp & humidity sensors.

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Previously I have had only BLE temperature sensors and they update with their device specific interval whether it is some seconds or tens of minutes. They don’t seem to take into account if anything changed.