Is it not possible to map samba share as network drive in windows 10? (need some help if it is)

Hello all,

Hoping you can help me determine how to do the subject if it’s possible. I can get the samba share to open on windows by using \ipaddress but when I attempt to right click and map network drive, it always fails. Has anyone been able to do this? For now, I have sent a shortcut to the desktop. Thank you all for any guidance!!

You cannot map the root level, but you can map to one of the folders in there, such as config. Dit that for a while, then installed the VS Code addon, and now I barely use it :rofl:

Ahhh, I follow. That’s what I will do for the time being then. I didn’t really test that idea. Thank you for giving me the idea. And probably will end up transitioning to Visual Studio Code when I learn more of what I’m doing. Thank you again for being so helpful!!