Is it possible/how to add Tuya temperature controller/switch to HA thru Bluetooth

All the latest Tuya controllers and sensors I have, use CB3S/BK7231 chips. Based on my own experience it is not possible to connect them to Localtuya. CB3S/BK7231 chips are also not supported by Tasmota. Theoretically, there is OpenBekken and forks from that but those manuals are so fragmented that any sane person would throw those sensors away before going that path.

Tuya Smart Switch TYTE-D1 that I have offers also the possibility to connect with Bluetooth. Is there a possibility to exploit that and connect it with HA using Bluetooth. If so what would be the best way?

Hello, I am OpenBeken developer and I already tested similiar devices. We have support for TuyaMCU, both normal version and “tuyaMCU for low power devices” as well. We are still finalizing some things, but they should be functional at the current state of things.

We also have lots of tested and proven devices with obk:

Which devices exactly do you have, may I help you somehow with the setup and flashing?

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Thanks for reaching up. I already thought that OpenBekken probably supports these chips, but compared to Tasmota or ESPHome, there is simply too much information in this process. This is how I see it through the eyes of a more or less regular user (not a developer). That’s why I initially gave it up. For now, I already got a solution for some of my sensors using the tuya-local developer’s help.

I still have some tuya temperature and humidity sensors based on CB3S (I think it should be BK7231N) Something like this Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor ZTH01 Zigbee compatibility (I am not sure exact model bcs it is not on the casing) that I decided simply to throw away, but I would definitely be willing to try if you can point me in the right direction.
Thanks again.

Hi, how should it actually work? I can not connect to OpenBeken web app when I am connected to the device in AP mode. When I insert in my wifi credentials the device connects to my wifi but now I can not connect to the device GUI anymore. The only way to connect with the device for me is in AP mode. Is this bug or I am doing the wrong thing?

Hi, There are any updates on that?
I have many temperature/humidity sensors whit CB3S chip.
Is possible to flash these devices or manage them without tuya cloud?
Many thanks.

I managed to flash my sensors eventually with openbeken software. Lately they have improved a little bit flashing options and now have simple windows flashing tool but using openbeken means some wire soldering and also it will work only when they support exactly your sensor model. When not, u need to open a support issue and hope they have time to deal with that. Eventually, they will but of course, that means some involvement from your side with basic data about your sensor.
I had a sensor like this but u can browse if there exist your variant