Is it possible to add Aqara sensors (doors, plugs) to both HA and Aqara app?

Hi there, just a noob question before I push the button and order an Aqara hub.

As the title says is it possible to add Aqara door sensors, plugs to both ZHA in HA and also in Aqara app with an Aqara hub? I’m asking this because I would like to use the plugs in ZHA for some automations but in the same time to allow my wife to use Aqara app to control some table lamps connected with the plugs. HA, until properly configured with some nice big on/off switches is not in an WAF form and hence until I move my but to make it work I would like to ensure a proper transition.

No, Zigbee devices can only be connected to one mesh. You either pair them through ZHA, or to the Aqara hub.

You can expose HA devices through either HomeKit (for iOS) or Android’s Device controls to give easy access to them on mobile. That’s what I do for my better half, they never use any app.

Thanks for the confirmation, just to be sure that I have understand it right:

  1. I add all Aqra plug in ZHA.
  2. Expose them through HomeKit in Home app on iOS (my wife has an iPhone). Q: How do I do that? Please help.
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