Is it possible to add third-party integration to HA running in docker?

I install HA core-2022.5.5 in a docker container on an rpi4, and it is working with the integrations it discovered, such as Sonos. I want to integrate some Govee lights, but it appears that may not be possible. Is there a way to add Govee to HA Container, and if so, how? Thanks.

is Govee a custom integration?

If so then you add it the same way that other HA install versions install custom integrations.

in short, copy the custom integration folder to the “custom_components” folder and restart HA.

Usually there are detailed instructions at the custom integration github page on how to install the integration.

If you could add bits/pieces to the HA container …and this indeed could work for e.g. python libraries…with a next image/container-refresh all will be gone as the image won’t have that.
As long as you are willing to accept that …

EDIT: as an example I added a a python lib through : pip install …

Install HACS, which is the best way to manage custom components - Download | HACS

Then install Govee integration using HACS - GitHub - LaggAt/hacs-govee: A HACS repository for Govee light integration

Thanks for pointing me to HACS. I decided to try this with the HA OS image on another card, and was able to install HACS and my govee lights. I cannot find a repository for Rhasspy, however. Is there a way to add Rhasspy to HA using HACS?

Home Assistant xxxxxx is usually a good Google search.

HA instructions a fair way down the page.

Usually, yes, but HA has apparently been changing so fast that many of the results I’d get are outdated. is now HA OS, for example.
I put the OS on one card and docker image on another, and have been trying both ways to run HA. I was able to install rhasspy on the OS card, but the 64 bit version of pi being used did not allow the Matrix Voice kernel to work. Using HACS sometimes and sometimes just docker, I’ve been able to add govee, rhasspy, and mosquitto so far.
Thanks for your help.

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