Is it possible to add "Type Gate" in Google_Assistant integration

Hello everyone,

I use the google_assistant integration to control my gate from Google Home.

My problem is simply that my gate is displayed in Google Home “as Garage” while it is displayed “as Gate” in HA.

While looking through the code for the google_assistant integration on github, I discovered this part of the code that seems to be partly responsible for the wrong device type being reported in Google Home regarding my Gate.

I think another upstream declaration is missing before calling TYPE_GATE.

Would it be possible for a developer to take a look to improve the integration and allow the correct type of device (Gate) to be reported in GooGle Home?

Thanks in advance.

I checked the google home developer documentation and the Gate type is well supported on their side.

Please open a new issue here:

So that the issue does not get immediately closed as a “feature request” frame your issue description around the fact that the entity’s device class is incorrectly assigned rather than requesting support for the correct device class.

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Ok thank you.
I have never opened any issues until now. I will try to do it.

Hello everyone,

I opened an issue and even updated it since I found the solution by completing the file in the google_assistant component.
(via copy into custom_component)


Thank you and see you soon.


I finally managed to do my first PR.
Fork > Create my Branch > update/modify file > commit > pull request