Is it possible to allow user to access only one Lovelace view?

Hi All,

I use this custom alarm integration in my HA and access its view from a tablet running WallPanel for Android app.
It opens the alarm view (http://hassio.local:8123/alarm), but a user can swipe the screen from the left edge and access the sidebar even though it’s set to “always hide” (I access HA from the tablet as a normal user).

I would like to allow this user to access only the alarm view for security reasons - is it possible to do so at all?

You can hide tabs using this component.

Check the visible option under views

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It’s a monster… but I like some of its features, will definitely give it a go to see how it works.

Interesting, thanks. However, it’s not ideal as I need to include that visible option and list all users apart from my one in every view I have or will have (and I should not to forget add new users as they appear). Would be nice to have not_user variable as well :wink:

I like that. I suggest you to use this link and open a “Feature request” with your idea :wink:

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Great idea. I hope this gets implemented!

I’ve been using cch with kiosk_mode enabled using fully kiosk. Works for me.
But then again, I’m not using that tablet for anything else.

Yes, I’ve noticed that kiosk_mode option and my tablet is just an interface to my alarm control panel so it need access only to that particular view.

The fronted devs were quick and closed my FR because:

While potentially more initial setup, we determined it to be the better solution so that you don’t add a new user and forget to add them to your invisible list and now they have access to something they shouldn’t. So while it may be more configuration, it is the safer approach.

Not sure if I completely agree with that

You can use the tab’s properties as for now: