Is it possible to change zigbee motion sensor sensitivity (ZHA)

Does anyone know if its possible to change zigbee motion sensor sensitivity using ZHA? I have some sonoff sensors that are waaaay to sensitive . They will respond on every little leaf falling down and I would very much like to change their sensitivity - is it possible?


Same question!
I found this:
ZbSend {“Device”:”…”,”Manuf”:”0x115F”,”Write”:{“0000/FF0D%20”:21}}
So I know what is the values, I just dont know how to send data to zigbee devices using ZHA.
Also found this, which i will translate:

  • Cluster : 0x0000 (Basic)
  • Attribute : 0xFF0D
  • Manufacturer code : 0x115F (code de Xiaomi)
  • Data Type : 0x20 (Integer 8bit)
  • Value : 0x01 High 0x0B Medium et 0x15 Low

Hi , I also found something regarding the vibration sensors some time ago. I tried to take a look in the settings of my own sonoff sensors:

Unfortunately both current_zone_sensitivity_level and num_zone_sensitivity_levels_supported are empty . I cannot see any output from them…

I just realized you are asking about an unspecified model of motion sensor!
My best advise is: if they dont brag about it on the product page, it’s not included. It increases the manuf cost…

Unspecified model ? well you can see the exact model in the last picture i posted … so I guess its not that unspecified is it?
I dont know what product page you are referring to… I dont think any of the zigbee sensor companies are bragging about any HA features :smiley: