Is it possible to connect a Record players (LP) to a Sonos using Home assistant

Sup everyone :crossed_fingers:,

We have two nice Sonos One’s in our living room that allow us to play spotify numbers on them. And also use the hassio to play radio music on them.

We received several long-playing records as an inheritance.

Now I’m looking around to see if it’s possible to connect an LP player to the Sonos in an affordable way, but when I look around I only come up with a ‘Sonos Connect Amp’, so you’re pretty stuck with a vendor lock. Isn’t it possible to assemble something else via home assistant or run a raspberry somewhere that transmits the signal to the sonos?

PS. I’m not sure if this post falls under the right category

Was hoping someone made a intergration that could use the usb input of your home assistant server to connect one of those usb record players and stream that audio to any connected media player

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