Is it possible to connect an external Siren to the xiaomi gateway?

I am trying to do a complete home security system (intruder deter) with the xiaomi gateway. In this system I would have motion sensors and door sensors. Is it possible to connect a siren with a very high dB to the xiaomi gateway?

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I haven’t seen a Xiaomi siren before but you can certainly use another branded siren which is compatible with Home Assistant and trigger it using inputs from your Xiaomi devices.

The Xiaomi gateway has an inbuilt siren

The Xiaomi Gateway has a built in speaker with around 10 or so sirens that can be sounded. If you want an example of how to do this just let me know. It goes pretty loud definitely loud enough to deter a would be intruder I also add in TTS with my speakers to warn the intruder that police have been notified etc. If the objective is to make their ears bleed then you may have to do as @sparkydave has suggested.

How many dB is the siren? Yes kindly show me how it’s done

There are a few steps to it here is the automation

## This will use the Xiaomi Gateway to sound an alarm if the system has been triggered

  - alias: Start Siren on Alarm Trigger
    - platform: state
      entity_id: alarm_control_panel.ha_alarm
      to: triggered
    - service: xiaomi_aqara.play_ringtone
        gw_mac: !secret xiaomimac
        ringtone_id: 0
        ringtone_vol: 80
    - service: light.turn_on
      entity_id: group.downstairs_lights
    - service: tts.google_say
        entity_id: media_player.tts_kodi
        message: Alarm triggered you have 2 minutes to reset or police will be contacted!
    - service: switch.turn_on
        entity_id: switch.away_alarm_triggered

I actually do all this through Node-RED but also have the code to do it with yaml in my repo in a dedicated package called alarm system if you need further help.

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I use the in-built speaker as a door bell but it is no match for my z-wave alarm siren when it comes to making your ears bleed

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I am not sure if there is a Xiaomi Siren out there. But what I did was to connect a 3rd party external siren plugged to Xiaomi Smart Plug and used the “Automation Feature”. The Smart Plug turns on whenever the alarm is triggered. And then I use a Mi Wireless button to turn it “off” together with the Gateway alarm. It is now definitely louder than the built in Gateway App. - Hope this helps!

Hi Ferdie,

Which external siren did you use? I’m looking to do exactly what you did!

For the siren, any typical third Party siren will do. I used a car alarm siren, which i bought for less than USD6 and used a 12V adaptor to power to up. The trick is to set a conditon in the Gateway that whenever am alarm is triggered it turns ON the Mi smart socket that powers the siren. However, the siren stays ON until you turn OFF the smart socket which i manually turn OFF using a MI wireless switch. . Also, Iart of the settings, i set a 30 secs timer delay before it automatically turns off. Otherwise, it’ll wake up the neighbors.

Old post I know, but can you tell my what brand z-wave siren you use? Thanks!

I have one of these. It has a battery backup

Sorry for reopening such an old - yet still relevant topic.

@FerdieFlores How did you add the condition in the gateway?
When I select “If…” in an automation, then the gateway isn’t an option?
And I cannot add “Responses” to the Alarm functionality itself.

@sparkydave How is your setup?

My setup:

  1. If sensors trips Gateway alarm,
  2. then Smart socket turns on (this is where plugged the siren)
  3. Set a delay for 1 minute (to keep the siren screamng)
  4. Then turn off the smart switch (where the siren is plugged).

Additional condition (when alarm is triggered)
5. I have a manual remote wireless switch and programmed it that when i press twice, it disarms the gateway alarm and.turns off item 4 above (immediately turn off smart switch that powers the siren)

I hope this helps.

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I only use the Xiaomi Gateway for the doorbell chime and it’s great. For an actual alarm siren I use a Z-Wave unit with inbuilt battery backup as linked above.

So you’ve just created Automations to trigger the alarm istead of using the build in Guarding-functionality?

Okay thanks - is this created as a new Automation or did you modify the Guard Settings in the gateway?

Correct. I don’t use any of the inbuilt Xiaomi setup at all. It’s purely a Zigbee gateway for my devices and a doorbell chime player.

All the code / automations for triggering the siren are in HA and completely separate to the Xiaomi gateway.

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I used a 12v siren alarm for cars. It’s very cheap here in my country.

Yes, i created a an Automation task via the gateway app. It;s very easy.