Is it possible to connect Smarthings to HA locally

Hi, this is my first post here so please be gentle :grinning:
Having been a user of Fibaro for many years and Smarthings for a couple, I’ve decided neither can give me what I need and after watching many HA Videos on YouTube I’ve decided to take the plunge and give HA a go.
So I’ve installed HA made some basic config, got HUE and Fibaro connected to HA as well as some others but before I take everything directly into HA I was wondering if it’s possible to make a connection with HA and my Smarthings V3 hub?
I know Smarthings now supports Matter and from what I can see, both Smarthings and HA are both Matter controllers not bridges, but is there a way to connect the two locally rather than through the Smarthings web API. I’d like to be able to so see my Smarthings devices in HA?
Could this be done with a Skyconnect dongle?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


AFAIK, this is not possible, even using Matter. I’m pretty sure you’d have to do the cloud connection to Smartthings.

To be honest, you’re going to have a MUCH better experience with HA if you just ditch your Smartthings controller and attach your devices directly to HA (through Zigbee and ZWave). Plus, that way you’re not relying on the cloud and any latency that might introduce. And yeah, I know that might be a big task, but you’ll be much better off going forward (imho). :slight_smile: