Is it possible to create a virtual thermostat in Google Home?

I’m looking into using Home Assistant as a thermostat for a space heater. I’m wondering if it’s possible to link HA to Google Home in a way where GH thinks there’s a thermostat, and it would provide control similar to what you would see with an actual smart thermostat.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

I’m very surprised the template climate entities can’t be exposed to GH.
I have a few climate entities that controls the TRV climate entities, and the TRV climate entities are exposed but not the template climate entities.

I don’t have a need for it but this made me look it up

My climate entities are exposed in Google Home as thermostats. I did nothing special. What platform are you using?

Generic Thermostat - Home Assistant (

But as I said, my TRV’s that is Tuya based ZigBee are exposed.

So it can be done? I haven’t messed around with Home Assistant and all yet, I’m just doing preliminary research right now.

Currently, the following domains are available to be used with Google Assistant, listed with their default types:

alarm_control_panel (arm/disarm)
camera (streaming, requires compatible camera)
group (on/off)
input_boolean (on/off)
input_select (option/setting/mode/value)
scene (on)
script (on)
switch (on/off)
fan (on/off/speed percentage/preset mode)
light (on/off/brightness/rgb color/color temp)
cover (on/off/set position)
media_player (on/off/set volume (via set volume)/source (via set input source)/control playback)
climate (temperature setting, hvac_mode)
vacuum (dock/start/stop/pause)
sensor (temperature setting for temperature sensors and humidity setting for humidity sensors)
humidifier (humidity setting/on/off/mode)