Is it possible to create something like a blueprint for many input_select entities with the same options?

In my Home Assistant system I am using a set of “Auto Mode states”

  • Suspended
  • Standby
  • Warmup
  • Off

which I can hierarchically assign to the whole house. The state then propagates to each area in the house and then it propagates further to each device in every area. This means that I must define many entities representing the state of house, areas and devices. I do that via input_selector helpers. However, defining each object manually and listing all the possible states every time seems very suboptimal.

Would it be possible to define these Auto Mode state holding input_select entities more in the style of Object Oriented Programming? By that I mean to define some abstract class “AutoModeStateEntity” and to inherit all other entities from it? Is there some kind of “blueprint for helpers”?

Thanks for your reply!

Nothing currently exists like that.
Blueprints are scripts or automations that have a pre-programmed set of trigger/actions and accept specific data to act on provided by the user. No control over helpers.

If you can’t do it in a script or automation, you can’t do it in the blueprint versions with the exception of the !input tag that transfers the variable from the calling script/automation into the blueprint itself.