Is it possible to customise the ESPhome new device text?

In ESPhome there is a button to create a new device which opens the editor with some basic configuration text inserted. I would like to know if this basic boilerplate text can be edited and expanded?
At present I just delete it and then paste in my own boiler plate, keeping the automatically generated OTA: key.

sure you can.
But be sure you know what you are doing .because if you remove network, or OTA or …you’ll need to re flash it with …wires .
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Hi tomdudu38,

Thanks for your reply and the warning about the OTA, too late though, I learned the hard way. I have decided I always want to get a signal strength report and battery level from my devices . Can I set the wizard up to always add the necessary text each time I create a new device configuration?

when you open the editor it ask you some questions to make you a first start configuration but you can enter whatever you want and delette it after to enter what you need exactly. ok?
so you can just copy-paste the basic code from device to another device.
You need to change the name and the platform/board type ( if you are using another board), IP( if you don’t use dhcp). that’s all.

all you need in a yaml.

  name: esp32bla  # name
  platform: ESP32   #<------cpu
    esp32dev  # <---board type
  #fast_connect: true
  ssid: yourwifi
  password: yourpassw
ota: ###update other the air
logger: #####logs
api: ###connect to hassio

i don’t think you can edit the wizard without big headhache

A lot of people use includes for their standard code.

Or don’t use the + button. Use your favourite editor to write your yaml file as you like.

Thanks, include seems to work for me.