Is it possible to define more sensor types for an air particle monitoring system, beyond pm1, pm25 and pm10?

I have a panasonic particle sendor that can report particles in 5 size categories.

0.3-0.5um, 0.5-1.0um, 1.0-2.5um, 2.5-5.0um, 5.0-7.5um, and 7.5-10um

The standard types in HA are 1.0, 2.5 and 10 so pm1, pm25 and pm10

As of today I am binning the 6 channels into 3 and mapping them onto the existing sizes, but if possible I would like to have the finer resolution.

I am posting the data into HA using MQTT and tried creating new categories for the other particle sizes ( pm05, pm5 and pm75) , but this just results in errors and the data does not appear when the sensor is discovered.

Is there a way to add these or is this a feature request to add the new types?