Is it possible to detect if a webcam on a PC is active or not?

hi all,

I was wondering if anyone out there knows if it is possibe to detect the status of a webcam on a PC?

when I am looking to acheive is to have my lights turn on/off/dim when my webcam is being used and return to the previous state when the webcam is turned off.

is this possible?

thank you for any help and for your time.

Tools like support that. I think you can do that with IOTLink, but so far for me HWS is proving much more stable and reliable than IOTLink did.

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Was not aware of this option and I will definitely be trying this. Thanks for sharing. @Tinkerer do you happen to know if this service survives extended sleep/suspends?
The IOTLink service frequently fails to resume sending updates if the workstation sleeps for an extended period.

Unlike IOTLink it seems to. I’ve only had it running for 24 hours, and it seems to be tied to the user account login, not a service account, so if you log out it won’t run. However, their docs are good, and the dev responds on their Discord server.

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Thank you ! With your Help and that of the Dev, I have this up and working :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it. Unfortunately it looks like the IotLink dev has RL to deal with and hasn’t been able to support the app lately. Good to know there is a supported alternative.