Is it possible to have and aeotec 700 controller on same pi?


Looking to move me zwave devices across to aeotec 700 controller, but while I move them, was wondering if its possible to have the original controller still connected and controlling the remaining devices?

Thanks for your guidance

I’m interested in this question also. I have an older Aeotec S2 stick that apparently does not support security. I have a newer Zooz 700 stick that does support security. I have a SmartThings hub that has my door sensors and deadbolt locks connected to it because it supports security. I want to migrate my devices from the SmartThings hub to the new Zooz stick so I can shut down SmartThings finally. It would be ideal to be able to use the existing Aeotec S2 controller and the new Zooz controller side by side while I migrate devices from one to the other. Is this possible?

Bumping this, to see if anyone has any suggestions?

Searching, I did come across the following:
Support Multiple Z-Wave Controllers - Development - Home Assistant Community (

Wonder if anyone has ever done it though?


In HAOS, you can use two controllers. One would be managed by the Z-Wave JS add-on, the other by the Z-Wave JS UI add-on.

Otherwise, say in a containerized environment, you can run as many controllers as you want (limited by your system).

Hi, a quick update on the findings based on an RPi4.

When I added the aeotec 7 usb stick, I also installed the zwave js ui add on, but could never get the add on to find the stick. However, I found that my original js add on started increasing the number of not ready devices. This was happening even with the ui add on disabled. So I removed the new USB stick, and made the decision that over the next couple of weekends, I’d get my nuc into action, with the new stick, and move the devices section by section to the new zwave controller, in the hope that this would bring the stability I’m looking for.