Is it possible to hide sources on media player card?

I have a receiver in my GUI with about twice as many sources as there actually is (Marantz reports unused favourites as sources through the TCPIP system). Is there any way to hide unused sources on that card, maybe with the configuration file?

Hide them in the receiver itself

No, sorry. Tried that. It doesn’t work. At least not on my Marantz SR6008.

Edit: I know that because I have hidden all unused sources in the receiver. But it does show the custom names of the renamed sources, it just doesn’t obey hidden sources.

Any solution to this? I have the same challenge with my LG TV, that reports every single app as a source. I understand why that happens, but some built-in stuff I just never ever use. It would be great if I could suppress them, like e.g. the onkyo integration allows.

You don’t say which LG TV integration you are using, but for WebOS the option is quite clearly dealt with in the instructions LG webOS Smart TV - Home Assistant

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve read it maybe ten times before but couldn’t understand it. It nowhere says the whole purpose of the customization is to limit the list of displayed sources. Encouraged by your post I’ve just tried it out - et voila - it works.

Just goes to show that no matter how well documented something is, there is still room for improvement!

Glad I could help.