Is it possible to ignore or remove low values from temp sensor on restart?

I was working on upgrading HA yesterday and because if that I was stoping and restarting a few times. Now the 48 hour graph for my refrigerator temp sensor has 1.5F values causing the graph to change the display range from the normal range of 35-37F to 0-37 making the graph look flat lined.

I see several possible options but don’t find a way to configure.

  1. configure somehow to ignore out of range temp reports. (future fix)
  2. remove 1.5 entries from saved state. Don’t know how to do this. but would fix the issue now.
  3. configure history graph card with a fixed display range. I don’t see any options for history graph to fix the display range.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 9.46.38 AM

UPDATE: I was able to remove the bad entry using the following sql.

delete from states where entity_id = 'sensor.fibaro_motion_bedroom_temperature' and state = '1.5';

Would still like to know if there is a way to ignore these on restart. Although at least I have a solution now.

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  1. Outlier filter
  2. Delete history of one sensor
  3. Not possible.

Nice! Thanks!

I was actually able to delete the history of just the outlier. Solution provided in OP as an update.

Didn’t think so but it would be a nice feature to add. Sometime charts look better if you don’t display them with baseline = min value and maxling = max value. for example when doing percentages.

I also don’t understand why the history graph things this device has no unit of measure for temperature.

Why is it displaying as if it doesn’t have a unit of temp ?

I’m getting odd temp readings like this. Once every day or so of - 2031c! Sonoff th16
Need to look at the filter also. Haven’t figured it out yet