Is it possible to integrate Flame Connect (Dimplex Fireplace App) to HA?

Hi there,

This is my first post, so please be gentle. I’m new to HA and running 2023.9.1 on the HassOS image (RP4b).

I have a Dimplex Bold XL Fireplace. I control it using the app, Flame Connect. I’m wondering if it is possible to integrate the app into HA so I can setup some automations with my TV room. I have tried searching for solutions, but I just found people looking to automate the IR remote. This isn’t an option for me unfortunately because I had to disable the IR receiver on the fireplace as it conflicted with my soundbar (major bummer).

Thank you!

I think your only option is IR. What kind of conflicts are you seeing with the sound bar?

When I hit the volume + the fireplace would power on and off… :expressionless:

You could build an IR Transmitter and physically block all other transmission from reaching the Fireplace receiver.

How would I do that? Electrical tape around the ir blaster?

You could probably do that, or a couple of coats of black fingernail polish should do it.

The key being, put the IR transmitter right in front of the fireplace receiver to ensure it only see’s signals from the transmitter, correct?

That is correct.

Do you recommend any IR transmitters? I have a logitech harmony hub behind my tv (above the fireplace). I wonder if I could just plug in an IR transmitter to that.

What I’m just now realizing as I write this is I would have exposed wires in front of my fireplace… If it’s possible to do with the Harmony Hub, I may save this for a future project whenever I feel like breaking apart the drywall to do a custom compartment so I can hide my wires.