Is it possible to make an alarm/timer with Rhasspy and Home Assistant?

Really, I would like to be able to do this without node-red, and would like the alarm to loop until stopped (similar to how Alexa works). I just wanted to survey the audience to see if this is possible, since I only found two examples that suggested it might be possible and wasn’t able to get either to work:

  1. I only found one example that covered setting both an alarm and a timer, but when I import the flow into node-red several of the nodes are missing. The switch node under the alarm suggests that it can play a looping sound.

  2. The other example from a Rhasspy thread suggests the alarm sound would play, but doesn’t specify if it loops and if they were ever able to get the interrupt to work.

So is it possible to make an alarm/timer, without node-red, that can loop and be interrupted?