Is it possible to manually calibrate a cover?

I am kind of new to home assistant.

I have 4 Shelly 2pm installed behind physical cover buttons.

2 of them are directly wired to the engines.
2 of them are each wired to a relay which control 2 covers.
The Shellys with the relay are not able to calibrate because they have inplausible power consumption due to the relay.
Is it possible to manually calibtrate them in homeassistant?
For example by keeping track of the opening/closing times.

I would love to use a slider to control the covers which are wired to the relay.

Greetings and thanks in advance!

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Thank you for your answer.

The integration is what i was looking for.

I was able to set it up, but it isnt working properly. I can do the first movement with the slider and afterwards the covers do not react anymore to the use via homeassistant.

Do i need to change the settings of the switch/button.type of the shelly?

Shelly allows specifying the opening and closing time directly in the device settings (settings>open/close time). Have you tried that?

Yes, i tried that.
I can do so only if the shelly is configured as a cover. But this only closes the shelly relais after the configured amount of time. The calibration is still not possible.
If the shelly is set up as cover there is only one entity to control the up and down movement. Without two separate switches i cant set up the HACS Blinds Custom Integration.

I meant that for configuring the shelly as cover and using it normally, without that integration, letting shelly itself handle the timings, not HA. But to be fair, I haven’t ever tried how that works without running calibration. I always thought the option is there exactly for when you would not be able to run calibration.

After restarting HA multiple times the custom blinds integration works very well!

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Is it possible to extend the integration to Shelly 2.5 (gen 1) and Shelly Plus 2PM (gen 2) in Roller mode? In my case i have no way to get power from Inputs to calibrate the shutter since i have to Control the Roller via a relay. Basically the Connection to the shutter (up and down) is Directly via the Shelly Outputs to the relay (and the relay Provides the power for UP and Down). The Shelly Inputs are empty