Is it possible to manually register a webhook ID?

Hi everyone,
I recently configures a few flows in node-red to send out notifications triggered by webhook messages from some of my services.
The webhook node made this quite easy to set up, but I have one little annoying problem. My home assistant logs is filling up with “Received message for unregistered webhook” warnings.

So I was wondering if it is possible to register my webhook IDs somehow such that they are excluded from sending out these warnings?

Thanks in advance.

If you create either an automation or a sensor (using the newer template integration) - you can set a trigger of webhook. It would no longer be unregistered then.

  - trigger:
      - platform: webhook
        webhook_id: my-super-secret-webhook-id
      - name: "Node Webhook"
        state: "{{ now()|timestamp_local }}"
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Thanks for that lightning fast response!

I have set up your example with the exact same ID as in the webhook node. Weirdly enough I still get the same warning unless I remove the webhook node in node-red.

So I guess a workaround is to trigger my automation flow on the state change of the new sensor instead. I would probably then assign my webhook payload to the sensor state.
Not the most elegant solution I must say… And I also foresee some problems with large payloads.
EDIT: I was looking at the wrong warning. The original warning has indeed disappeared using this method, also with the webhook node active in node-red :slight_smile:

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With the benefit that you can now react to the webhook or the state change :slight_smile: