Is it possible to modify a heat-only thermostat to also function in cooling mode?

I have a heat-only thermostat (zigbee) that currently operates solely for heating purposes. However, I would like the thermostat card to display the option for cooling mode as well.


My intention is for the thermostat card to appear like this:


I attempted the following:

Unfortunately, it did not work.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thank you very much!

Are you asking if the thermostat can control the cooling or just displaying it in one card?
If the thermostat is only for heat… c’mon, you know the answer to that, right?
But if you just want to display the cooling in the same card, yeah, you can do that.

I would like the thermostat to be able to control both heating and cooling, and display it on the card.

However, I would settle for it being displayed on the card.

You’re calling it a “heat-only” thermostat. Is it physically heat only or do you now just have it connected for heat only?
If the thermostat can physically only control the heat, again, you have to know the answer to that.
What is the make and model of the tstat?

"The thermostat, specifically the Avatto ZWT07 model, is designed solely for heating purposes and operates on the Zigbee protocol. To integrate it with Home Assistant, I had to utilize a custom configuration file.

While it may be challenging to adapt it for both heating and cooling modes, I aim to incorporate a ‘cold’ functionality similar to the image I previously shared. Do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this?

One idea I have is to create a Node-RED script routine to compare the setpoint temperature with the actual temperature. Using an IF statement, I can determine whether the thermostat is in heating or cooling mode. Depending on the mode, I can then activate a corresponding switch.

But, again, I don’t know how to add that cold buttom in the thermostat card.

You know your Device best, and i assume you know that a “Thermostat” is just mend to regulate temperature, whether the Preferred/Set Temperature is Cold or Hot !

And how many “Preset/Preferred” Temperature can you “Set” on your Device ?

Adding a Button/Or Sensor-State to your Card is your least problem

You can use The output from the Thermostat, on any Devices which supports the “signal/sensor-type”
A Thermostat is basically just a Temperature Controlled Switch, nothing more nothing less
( Where did you get below idea from ? )

Apparently you’re not getting it so I’ll spell it out for you.
You can’t control heat and A/C with just a heat thermostat. No way, No how.
It doesn’t have the output needed. It will just control heat.