Is it possible to modify a LED floor lamp so that it will use a Zigbee controller instead of its RF433 controller?

So I’m about to buy this floor lamp because the price is great for what it is (compared to others I mean). It’s now controlled by a RF433 remote. Would it be possible to connect the LEDs to a Zigbee controller and add them to my Home Assistant instance, and control them that way? So no more remote, but only via Home Assistant.
I already have a similar setup; a LED strip on my stair railings which is powered and controlled by a Zigbee controller (supports RGBCW), but that light setup was made from scratch. I’m not sure what type of connection these LEDs in the floor light will have so I can’t check if my spare Zigbee controller will fit them.

It looks like its a 3 pin adressable strip inside it. So you could potentially solder in an adressable LED controller. But using an esp8266 or esp32 with RF443 circuit and esphome could be easier since you leave the lamp itself intact.