Is it possible to pull Alexa recognized devices into HA?

I have over 50 recognized devices in my Alexa app and I want to use HA for those devices. Is there any way to have HA pull all the linked/recognized devices or do I need to manually add each one through a cloud.yaml folder using boolean or something?

Hi Daniel :wave:

As far as I know there isn’t a way to integrate Alexa controlled devices through Alexa, the best way would be to integrate the 50 devices using their own integration i.e TP link, LIFX etc…

However if the devices are not natively supported, you could use booleans as you mentioned. There is also Alexa media player which can trigger Alexa routines (turn on lights…)

Hope this help! :heart:

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That’s what I was afraid of. That’s definitely a bummer. Wonder if they are planning having that as an option in the future, as that really limits the capabilities of HA for a lot of us newbies.

I don’t think it is possible right now to natively control Alexa controlled devices, since Amazon doesn’t have API for controlling the devices (only to integrate them). But yes, definitely hope that it will be an option in the future! :grinning:

Thank you.

Guess I’ll have to learn to input them the hard way. 50 devices will be good practice.

Yes :smiley:, have fun and good luck with your HA journey! :+1: