Is it possible to re-calculate the history/statistics in Home Assistant?

Due to a stupid action I got data from two DSMR-readers in my HA.
It was just for two hours but this data is not consistent and now I have used almost 2700 MWh during that day.
I managed to remove the wrong data from the states-table in the HA-database.
But the statistics are still wrong. I suppose the calculations were done previously and the totals are saved elsewhere.
How can I fixe this.
I run HA (core-2024.4.0) in docker on a Raspberry Pi 4B and two DSMR-readers in docker on a Raspberry Pi 3B.
The config data of HA is on my NAS.
The data from DSMR to HA is sent through Mosquitto MQTT on the 4B.

Developer Tools → Statistics. Click on the ramp Icon next to the entity then go to the time that needs the value adjusting.