Is it possible to reload/refesh scenes without entirely restarting Home Assistant?

HA allows me to change groups, automations and a lot of enitity attirbutes by simply changing the YAML then hitting reload for the component, ‘Reload Automations’ for example. I usually rarely have to restart HA unless I’m updating to a later version.

Today I’ve been playing around with ‘scenes’:

With this I’m able to define various states and attributes for many things at once, very handy for setting the lights low when TV is on automation for example.

Now the only thing is, when I update my YAML for the scenes, I have to entirely restart HA which takes a while, especially if making frequences changes to scenes.

Is there any way I can simply reload the scenes without having to do a full start of HA?


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Ah OK, thanks. I’ll do a feature request, it seems scenes are a nice idea but this kind of lets it down for me.

I don’t know if this was always the case or if it changed after your CR, but you can now call the scenes.reload service from the developer tools - services page. This only shows up once you have scenes added to your config and reboot first.

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