Is it possible to repeat script with visual editor

I have searched and can not find anything on using repeat with visual editor. I want to set the script pictured ultimately to loop with in a certain time frame but have had no luck so far. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

what do you mean to loop within a certain timeframe?

do you mean to loop continously until a certain time? if so you can use “until” and then something like

{{ now() > time_to_quit }}

but you have to calculate time_to_quit. you could do that with something like:

  time_to_quit: "{{ now() + timedelta(seconds=5) }}"

note that this is calculated at the start of the block (so it may be at the start of all actions).

What I really want to know is can this be done with the visual editor and not yaml? I am really new to setting up scripts. I see all the options with building blocks for repeat but they are not working for me. I have not learned how to work with YAML and was hoping to avoid it. I see the options to make it repeat until and it looks like I can make it repeat during set times like between 5 am and 6 pm.

you can use the UI to do most of it. there’s a “until” choice in the UI. then it gives a box for the “until” condition. which you need to put a template in.

i don’t know of a way to do this 100% w/o any template.

You can. My mistake, probably ridiculously stupid but I am new to this, was setting up what I wanted to happen then trying to put a repeat block after or before. The correct way is to start with a repeat block then set everything up inside of that block. This picture shows the correct way. Note that this picture is of a test setup not made to my final parameters yet.

ah, if you’re able and willing to hard code the time of day… yes. i don’t know how to do it via ui only to repeat for a period of time (agnostic of time of day)…