Is it possible to restore a HA Backup + Zigbee2mqtt on a new device without repairing all zigbee devices?

I did some test to move my HA installtion to a new hardware (from Raspberry pi 3 to a thin client pc). I simply restored a current backup on the new device. Everything works fine, except of the zigbee2mqtt network. I moved the zigbee dongle (Sonoff zigbee dongle) from the old device to the new one, but it dont works. Have I missed something?

On the RPI3 look for the following files inside the zigbee2mqtt direcory (on a supervisor installation below /usr/share/hassio/share/zigbee2mqtt):

  • configuration.yaml
  • database.db
  • devices.yaml
    and if you use groups:
  • groups.yaml

Shutdown Z2M on the thin client pc, make a backup of those 4 files to be on the safe side and copy over the above files from your RPI3 to the new thin client pc.

After starting the new pc you should find all your Zigbee devices in the last state with the RPI3.

I’ll try that. Thank you very much!

Did you succeed with that?

I got the same issue. Used a full backup from my RPi3 in a RPi4. All units are shown in Z2M but they aren’t responding.

What do you mean by network doesn’t work?

Using USB? If yes, have you checked that the path to the USB dongle is the same. Might have chnaged on the new RPi4 compared to RPi3

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Now I solved the problem. First I stoped the mysql addon and the zigbee2mptt addon on my existing home assistant installation. Then I made a full backup of it. Next I flashed a clean HA installation on the Raspbery pis SD card and then I restored the previously made backup. When the restore process was finished I had to configure the static IP adress from the old system and after that everything works fine on the new hardware. Maybe you have to change the USB path (@khvej8 thanx for that information)