Is it possible to retrieve configuration.yaml etc from HassOS SD card, offline? 🤞

Hi guys,

I’ve just had had my SD card fail before I could get around to setting up some sort of backup regime. (I have now purchased an “endurance” SD card to rebuild on too. Hopefully this will reduce the MTBF. :blush:)

Is there a way I can retrieve the configuration from the SD card in a PC or Mac or something or am I SOL?


Try diskinternals Linux Reader.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a crack.

I’ve had a crack at using Windows Subsystem for Linux but I still had the issue of the partition not being visible to Windows so I couldn’t present it to Linux. But I think I was going about it the wrong way. Instead of mounting the drive letter that was visible to Windows, maybe there is a way to access the raw disk or whatever its called from WSL?

Using Linux Reader I was presented with the following disks on the SD card.

The most promising option looked like 6.72 GB drive in that screenshot above. A quick poke around in there I found the following location /var/log/journal\supervisor\homeassistant\ which had my configuration.yaml etc. in it! :grin:

That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks @tom_l!

Any idea how successful I’m going to be trying to copy this data into the same location on my new SD card? :laughing:

Take your entire /config folder and you should be good.

Take your entire /config folder and you should be good.
There is no /config folder visible but would be reasonable to assume in this view, /var/log/journal\supervisor\homeassistant\ is my config folder? Its got all the same files in it.

Yes that’s it.

Just confirming that it worked. Thanks again! :smile:

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