Is it possible to run a docker image inside of hassio?

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I have a lite project in Django and my question is: Can I run a docker image inside hassio?.

I used the image for the raspberry pi 3

No, when using then hassio image you can’t run anything else on the RPi other than apps available thru the add-ons.

if you want to be able to run other apps in docker then you need to use the alternative install method in a generic Linux server.

You can pull another docker image though… Just use Portainer.

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really? I didn’t realize that.

I was always under the impression from the many threads here that Hassio was fairly locked down and limited to what could be run outside of hassio and the available add-ons.

If that’s the case then what is the benefit of installing hassio in a generic server outside of using the official hassio image, then just using portainer to work outside of hassio?

Well if you want to install non-docker stuff for instance.

Oh, Ok.

I never heard that there was any distinction. I guess it makes sense tho.

Thanks for the info.

How i can do this? I intalled Portainer, but when i want to pull image. The image is not created and does not throw any error.

For example:

What OS are you on?