Is it possible to run Hue custom automations from HA?

The Hue integration is great - works well and no trouble to set up - thank you.

Before HA I had several ‘away’ custom automations set up in Hue to turn lights on and off when we are away from home. One nice trick Hue has is to randomise the on and off times a bit each day.

Now looking to set up an away mode for everything including Hue in HA.

Is it possible turn on the existing Hue custom automations from HA?

If not how could I do the randomise time in HA (the lights on off bit is easy)?


Is the “away” mode of Hue a scene? Then you should be able to activate it quite easily via the Service “HUE.ACTIVATE_SCENE”.

Otherwise you maybe want to have a look at this: Holiday / Vacation mode - Configuration - Home Assistant Community ( :wink:

Or even better, you can just use this integration from the HACS Store: slashback100/presence_simulation: Home Assistant Presence Simulation (

Thanks for genius answer!
Can’t see any way in Hue to add a Hue custom automation to a scene so will progress doing it in HA using info in your links