Is it possible to seamlessly transition from VB HAOS to RPi/HA Yellow/Green?

I have a HAOS running in Virtual Box under Windows. It has a Z-Wave stick with many devices, MQTT integration with Ring, LocalTuya, and many other integrations and a few add-ons. There is also Nabu Casa cloud service and plenty of automations and blueprints.

I would like to know if it’s possible seamlessly transition to a RPi, HA Yellow, or HA Green platform? Will the Z-Wave devices move with the stick? What about the other integrations, accounts, credentials, automations, etc.? Is it as simple as restoring a backup or will it take major effort?



You can create a full backup and restore it on the new system. Everything will be copied across.

Occasionally the recorder database does not get backed up correctly but that is just a matter of copying across another file.

If you have that issue, follow these instructions: Difficulty in Migrating to HAOS from Container Install - integrations not loading - #2 by tom_l

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Thank you, @tom_l! I will take a look.

Thanks again, @tom_l. This is good to hear. In thinking of other concerns, I presume user accounts, IP addresses, and community add-ons with their configs will all move with the backup?

With the Z-Wave stick as a USB device, I would think that I will need to remap its location after the transfer?


And yes you may need to locate your usb device. Best method is “serial by id”.

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