Is it possible to see old and new value on config changes?

When I use Node-RED (wich also uses OZW, but has a problem with my IDLock, which is why I went into Hass) i see this feedback when I send a change of setpoint to my Multireg Thermostats:

{"nodeid":10,"cmdclass":112,"cmdidx":10,"instance":1,"oldState":250,"currState":200,"label":"CO mode setpoint","units":"","value":{"value_id":"10-112-1-10","node_id":10,"class_id":112,"type":"short","genre":"config","instance":1,"index":10,"label":"CO mode setpoint","units":"","help":"50-400 (5.0C - 40.0C)","read_only":false,"write_only":false,"min":50,"max":400,"is_polled":false,"value":200},"uuid":"b827ebcbff17-0xf6a57d82-10"}

As you can see from the first inje, there’s all the regular info, plus old state of 25 degrees (250) and current state of 20 (200). But I do not see anything like that when I do a mqtt state stream of everything. So is this possible to get in Hass, or is this maybe something Node-RED does on it’s on, perhaps by polling and then shooting the change, or by storing the current value somewhere?

It’ll show in your History view, and it’ll be in the Home Assistant logs.

Thanks! But actually I meant if it was possible to see it when the change happens. I don’t use any manual viewing, everything is sendt to a custom made webpage, so I’m looking for a way to send through MQTT.

Hey, Mastiff.
Is this is something that Rob Cole’s Folder sensor could be used for? It uses the Watchdog component (I believe) so it is notified when something in that folder has changed.


I must admin that I have no idea… I am not by any mens advanced in Hass, I started using it for Z-Wave a week ago, because Node-RED didn’t want to play ball with my ID Lock. So I basically use Hass the way I used Node_RED (and still use that for Tellstick and RFX duties), to send and receive stuff for EventGhost and Girder (which I do all my programming and advanced stuff in). Of course the easiest would be if there’s a kind of a table that I can pull from the running program, but maybe that’s not possible here?

Thinking about it if you want to see the actual changes then your best bet may be with git.

If you haven’t already you could make your config directory (or whichever dir) into a git repo and then use this module in Node-RED

As it says that it can watch the repo and give diffs out. from there you could just do some regex or text manipulation to get the values you want.

That one was interesting! Thanks! That should be doable even for me. :wink: And if I have a problem with that I’ll ask my daughter. She’s an expert in manipulating text, basically almost everything I say! :joy:

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Shock! I found the value I am looking for in the Z-Wave log after all. I have made a new thread about it, since it’s outside of this thread, the way it developed:

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