What does Hass do with received Z-Wave log messages that aren't put into the statestream?

When I send a config parameter to put in a new setpoint for a Z-Wave thermostat I have a feedbvack that I wold very much like to capture. In the Hass log I can see this:

2018-04-29 09:00:49.188 Detail, Node005, Refreshed Value: old value=150, new value=160, type=short

But in the MQTT State Stream that I have set to show everything (by not using inclusion/exclusion), this is what I get on that change:

09:24:31   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/state u"ready"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/query_stage u""Complete""
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/receivedTS u""2018-04-29 09:24:20:820 ""
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/lastRequestRTT u"25"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/lastResponseRTT u"41"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/product_name u""Heatit Thermostat TF 021""
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/node_id u"5"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/max_baud_rate u"40000"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/receivedCnt u"9"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/manufacturer_name u""ThermoFloor AS""
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/node_name u""Termostat 8""
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/sentTS u""2018-04-29 09:23:00:929 ""
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/neighbors u"[1, 2]"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/averageRequestRTT u"24"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/is_ready u"true"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/averageResponseRTT u"42"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/receivedUnsolicited u"2"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/is_awake u"true"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/capabilities u"["listening", "routing", "beaming"]"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/friendly_name u""Termostat 8""
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/is_zwave_plus u"true"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/is_info_received u"true"
09:24:32   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/sentCnt u"13"
09:24:33   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/receivedTS u""2018-04-29 09:24:21:694 ""
09:24:33   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/lastResponseRTT u"42"
09:24:33   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/receivedCnt u"10"
09:24:33   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/sentTS u""2018-04-29 09:24:21:651 ""
09:24:33   MQTT.eg/zwave/termostat_8/sentCnt u"15"

So the change isn’t anywhere, not the new and not the old value. Does that callback go into some system in Hass where I can find it?

Or if I could pull parameter 10 of Z-Wave device 5, that would be the same thing. I know Hass can pull it because when I go into the configuration of the Z-Wave node and go to change parameter 10, it will show the correct, current value.